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Brief Bursty Strides

Dear Avid Search Engine Users Who Find My Site,

Nope, that didn’t say busty strides, but bursty.   My regrets that every day you are STILL searching “naughty mom” and “being naughty with sister” and ending up at this sorry page.  My sincerest apologies.

Workout plans were scratched yesterday after I went back to bed with the 4:30 alarm clock because I had only had about 4.5 hours of sleep.  I’m learning that sleep is one of my fuels and that tank was way low.  So Jillian and I spent some serious workout time together last night.

Let me hold on for dear life trainer – I almost fell.  Felicity, you want some Nuun to help hydrate?  (Photo courtesy of What the Flicka and my atrocious editing skills)

Speaking of celebrities, while I am not a huge celebri-stalker like a certain waify runner we all read, have you seen What the Flicka?  It’s snarky, it’s real, it’s about moms (or not actually), and the best part is, it’s the brain-child of Felicity Huffman, who occassionally posts and who if we ever met, I am certain we would want to be my BFF or my RBFF (Running BFF).

True confession that will either make you love me or hate me:  I never watched Desperate Housewives.  But one of the few episodes I caught glimpses of was her chasing an unruly roost of boys around which pretty much made my heart skip a beat.  I was also a huge fan of Felicity on Sports Night back in the day.  (Sidenote:  My dream job is to work with Colin Cowherd on Sports Nation but he just keeps getting blonder prettier co-hosts, someday he’ll wake up and realize I should be the snarky sort of blonde co-hosting with him).

She runs a few miles before a race. See – BFF or BRFF (best running friend forever)

And from what I’ve read or seen (because clearly the media is SUPER correct all of the time especially with a celebrity who tries to stay out of the spotlight) Felicity and I would be instant BFF’s.  It was obvious when she linked pictures of bear poo to a post on What the Flicka?.  Now that’s my style.

To celebrate our new BFF-ship and passion for fitness we’d meet for a little SoCal coastal run.  We’d chat about being working moms, staying fit, and how to thwart off the paparazzi.  I mean, I can’t shake those 42″-48″ people who follow me around with the camera taking pictures constantly and then sending them to unsuspecting souls like “Grandma” and “Aunties”.

Then she’d talk me off the ledge about my fear of open water swimming and we’d make plans to meet up after the Malibu Triathlon which she famously participates in.  We’d laugh about work life balance and our love of writing.

Remember this aftermath from my first run with Road Runners Group? I sported all the colors of the rainbow on my legs for about 10 days after this. I guess that’s what it takes to integrate “color” into my wardrobe.

Naturally there would be a a 75% chance of me falling over some poor unsuspecting branch, twig, an imaginary crack in the road or most likely, my own two feet.  So, I’d spend the rest of the day with black and blue legs and  bruised ego for the remainder of our run, but don’t worry, she’d be happy to have some good writing material about her awkward, gangly friend.

We’d grab some post workout fro-yo (because in my mind, everyone loves post workout fro-yo to wash down their Nuun) and make plans to meet up after the next triathlon we’re doing together and we discuss squeezing in a training sesh together before then- because naturally I’d listen to Felicity Huffman.  Then we’d be off  to grab our bambinos and get on with the work day.

So this begs the question, who’d your celebrity BFF be?


5 thoughts on “Celebrity BFF’s

  1. Maybe it’s a little cliche (and yes, I do adore the woman) but I got to say Jillian Michael’s would be my celebrity BFF even better, my RBFF. I know a lot of people struggle to like her or often have a love/hate thing going on – I like her attitude! I like to think I have attitude, particularly when it comes to workouts or runs. I tend to talk to myself when the going gets rough, Jillian stylee, to keep me going. Would be even more awesome if we did it together and shouted at each other the entire time of a workout haha would look a bit weird to on lookers. We could kick each others asses!
    (Oh and thank you for my first blog comment! YAY!)

    • Happy to comment and yes, Jillian Michaels was a close 2nd for me 🙂 I posted recently about how she taught my kids to say ass since we use her DVD’s together.

  2. Ha! This is funny. Not sure who mine would be. I’d have to really think long and hard about this one. Not good with questions like this….BUT, I will think on it and possibly be back to comment again. 🙂 Jillian…yeah, pretty sure my kids went around saying Kick butt workout for quite awhile after their first Jillian workouts with me.

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