True Confession Thursdays Debut

1 mile swimming
Aquatic Strides

Inspired by a recent post over at Shut Up and Run (btw my kids’ favorite blog to reference so they can say ‘shut up’), I started thinking about the messages I communicate here. Sure, I talk about failures, frustrations and how I want to use the f-bomb sometimes, but I don’t always get really…well..real.

Yep, these are the women representing my hood. *Le sigh*

And let’s face it, I live in the OC so there’s not a whole lotta real going on in my life outside the doors of my house.

And with that, I’m implementing True Confession Thursdays.  A glimpse at the realistic life of this working mom of boys who tries to keep it all together one stride at a time.

And so……….The inaugural True Confession Thursday begins with my ridiculously pathetic Sunday night.

-I went to Trader Joe’s straight from the gym while I was starving.  #askingfortrouble

-I spent WAYYYYYYYYY too much money because everything sounded far too good. Who needed a grocery budget for the week anyway?

-But since I was sweaty and in workout clothes, I felt it necessary to buy healthy food (yay for external motivation).  If I had been in sweatpants, I clearly would have had license to buy whatever the chocolate covered everything I was ogling over down the frozen food aisle.  (Why must you taunt me dark chocolate covered pretzels peering suspiciously over the frozen asparagus.  You’re just mean!)

So what you’re saying is there’s life beyond spandex? What is this cotton you speak of?!?

-Then the only “fun” item I bought called shot gun on the way home.

No seriously, it called…no shouted…SHOT GUN!

-In a sad display of an utter lack of self-control I likely at 2 of the 3 servings on the way home.

-It’s only 1 mile from TJ’s to my house. Oopsies.

-Since I was doing so well, I then decided dinner would be a whole wheat sprouted bagel & sugar snap peas.

-Oh, and a glass of red wine.  But we’ll just call that dessert.

Anyone else have a true confession they are dying to get off your chest? 

The vault’s just opened for Striding Mom, stay tuned to see what else we unearth. 

One thought on “True Confession Thursdays Debut

  1. Haha I am taunted by the chocolate covered everythings all the time in TJs, especially since I know how amazing they are. Their product placement is so strategic! Haha. I always get the veggie root chips at my treat, they are SO amazing!

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