Misdemeanor, Miles, Meals & Merriment

The biggest news of the weekend:  I got myself some DD’s.

Yep.  It’s about time.

Since my craptastic injury I went from about 40 running miles a week to 0 back in May, and spent a better part of the month hanging out there in non-running land.  But if you haven’t noticed, things have been slowly changing and progressing…and this week….

I got myself some Double Digits baby!

Why yes that is 10 lbs of cheese on my plate(s). Don’t worry, I had a salad first. And gelato.

Not only did I get a 10+ mile run in (my first since May), but I also hit a 20 mile running week which makes me feel like I’m progressing along.  I also got to take care of a little unfinished business on the last 3 mile stretch from Surf City.

But this weekend was so much more than running.  My aunt came down to visit and we hit the Laguna Arts festival and ate far too much good food, including a trip to my fave Javier’s.

Then came Sunday which was a very special day.  My aunt and I continued your family bonding with committing several misdemeanors.

Yep that’s me. Law abiding citizen. And a special thanks to the shadowing that makes me look like I have man-hairy pits. Sweet.

Our family puts the fun in dysfunction 🙂

Yes that might just be me breaking into a 18×12 inch window 6 feet off the ground with a temporarily stolen chair.

Don’t worry the neighbors came by and did not ask to call the cops, but simply asked if we needed help.

FTR, this was my cousin’s house (so technically no laws were broken) where my aunt got locked out with the dog.  My tiny hiney got her (and the poor pup) safely back in the house.  And we have a story and laughs that will last a long time.

Anyone else partake in breaking and entering this weekend?

Oh and I got some other fun news this weekend….stay tuned 🙂


4 thoughts on “Misdemeanor, Miles, Meals & Merriment

  1. You criminal! I’m appalled. ; )

    Congrats on getting back to double digits. I know how great it feels to feel like a legitimate runner again!

    • Yeah, probably better to have those Double Digits, then the other DD’s since I already get “naughty” as a hit on my blog every. single. day. And now I’m 2 legit 2 quit 🙂

    • It was a huge woot woot! And I’m glad it’s funny today because the scratches and strange soreness in places that just shouldn’t be sore isn’t as humorous 🙂

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