Sometimes the Words Fail

Miles:  7.2
Silly, Pithy Strides

Honestly I think I’ve worded myself out the last few days.  I met my friend Missy for a run yesterday morning.  She’s super fabulous – like Sub 3:00 marathoner fantastic.  Our runs together are always awesome as I’m either falling or apparently dying because I have to answer nature’s call so bad (yes that was this morning).

What I like about running with her is that:

A:  She pushes me even when I keep telling her to run ahead, she just runs and tells me to keep up without saying a word (it’s really a mad crazy skill.  She had me duped).

B:  She thinks I’m a better runner than I am.  Today’s discussion – her thoughts that I can pull a 1:32 half marathon off in the next year.

It’s always nice to know that someone thinks better of you than you do of your own abilities.

And with that, I’m tired and lacking anything inspirational or motivational, but I do have some funny snapshots from the day today which are sure to make you laugh.

Too early? I wake up to this precious face and early riser every morning.

This one partook in a “silent protest”. I stepped over him and told him it was too early in the morning for white whine. He laid there and informed me he could do a really good bottle impression. Parenting is so fun sometimes.

Solving the runger issue while working at home? Chocolate banana smoothie, hummus, carrots and a bag of frozen veggies to stick in my running shorts to soothe the ol’ injury. Why working on the ground? Because my microfiber couch would absorb my ridic amounts of sweat and runger couldn’t wait until I showered.

Icing on the cake? At Road Runner VIP night Strawberry did an 8:00 min timed mile and then won the prize every 7 year-old dreams of – Body Glide. The best part of it all – explaining what Body Glide is used for.  All he wanted was a water bottle.  Poor kid.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes the Words Fail

    • Yeah I should listen to her. My “life goal” was to break 1:45 half marathon and I passed that. Now she wants me to shatter it!

      And this child in particular puts up the best protests. We’ve had 3+ hour standoffs with that sweet stubborn soul!

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