Jillian Michaels Shred
45 Min Yoga
Giggling Strides

After a sweaty workout at the park the other day. Right as I snapped the picture sweat got in my eye rendering me a Polish-Swedish Cyclops.  Check out the man sweat on the little dudes.

Yesterday was one of those unexpected days.  Since I work from home, I find that some days it’s more productive for me to work outside my house than in it.

It’s days like this that call for Starbucks.  I arrive, I plug in the laptop, stuff in my ear buds, and crank away on projects as the hours pass like minutes sans the frustrations of a household checklist staring me square in the face.

A few hours in, a woman approached asking to use the other table.  We chatted for a few minutes about business and networking since we can likely help one another with our networks, and talked a bit about our kids as the conversation wound down.  (*waving* If you read this, “Hi Lara!”).  Turns out she’s trying to get back into shape after having 2 babies 13 months apart (bless her, there’s no way I would survive.  I’m sure of it).

She talked about her parents who were athletes and modeled good health and fitness to her.

And my heart sang. 

My mom was the same way.  Every summer I knew that she was at the Y a few mornings a week getting her sweat on.  It probably involved Jazzercise, t-shirts with puffy paint and  leg warmers, as it was the 80’s after all.  My dad took me to the gym before school to practice shooting hoops.

When people ask why I make fitness a priority, I always say:  myself, my health and my kids.

Click on the picture for a video of the kid-involved attempt at yoga. This is actually the “calm” part when I stretch my IT band and threaten anyone who interrupts.

There’s nothing like watching young elementary schoolers try to copy a fitness video, or realizing that Jillian Michaels taught them the a-word, and yoga transforming from relaxing to fits of giggles.  And while any Master Yogi would say it’s bad form to be distracted like that, I completely adore the little commentary, complaints and moments we have together working out.

During workouts I hear things like, “Sorry Mom can’t come to the phone right now she’s doing yoga,” and “Mom, that’s so funny I’m taking lots of pictures of your butt.  It jiggles when you jump,” and “Your dupa [Polish for ass…I’m a terrible person I know] shake-ah’s.”

And naturally with 3 boys, someone is always farting during a workout.  Always.

When I need to sneak a run in, I do laps around a local park and I can count on two things:  my kids bickering and high fives from the sidelines. 

I love the high fives and I’m sure the neighbors around the park really love me screaming at my children while I’m breathlessly smacking down a 7 minute mile.

On Thursday, Strawberry and I are going to the Road Runner VIP Summer Games which include a Predictive 5k, scavenger hunts and general fitness fun.  And I love that he’s as excited as I am.  Our time running together provides us with amazing conversations, fruitful quiet shoulder to shoulder time, and the occasional uncontrollable giggle. It’s good for our heart, great for our souls, and fabulous for our relationship.

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s easier to say the hardest things when you’re not looking at someone square in the eye and know you have a few miles left to run before they can give you a crazy response.

Working out with my kids might not be the most effective workouts to improve my fitness, but they certainly are the best for my soul.  I make sure my kids know my goals and see when I’ve reached them.  I let them know when I’m struggling or I just don’t want to work out.  They see my ups and my downs, because let’s face it, life’s a lot like that and I want them to see how I achieve, win, fail and cope through all of those peaks and valleys.

When all is said and done, I want to be a kidfluencer:  emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.  It ain’t easy work.  And I fail all of the time.  But when all is said and done, let’s hope there’s more wins than losses in the ol’ tally column.

For those with kids, nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc., how are you a kidfluence?


7 thoughts on “Kidfluence

  1. And just for the record, it was aerobics, step class and weight lifting. Though we did wear the leotards and leg warmers 🙂

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