Mixing It Up

30 min (11.5 miles) Bike
20 minutes (1/2 mile) Pool
Expedient Strides

I had to squeeze in a quick workout at the gym this morning.  My kids love the fancy Chuck E Cheese like atmosphere, I don’t love the $12 fee.  It was a good compromise though.

Getting our shopping on

We decided to try and cram in a full super summer day.  This included a trip to the Orange County Swap Meet and then hitting the beach.  If you’re an OCer and have never been (to the swap meet, if you haven’t been to the beach, let’s talk) – you have to check it out.  It’s super affordable, super family friendly and honestly a whole bunch of fun.

It cost the four of us all of $2 to get in.  We spent a good chunk of time walking around the produce stands trying samples and buying ridiculously cheap fruits & veggies.

I gave the kids each $7 and forced them to do math and be

The first time they enjoyed shopping.

responsible spending it.  How fun am I?  We spent hours wandering booths and finding out what treasures they could buy with their funds.

Then they discovered there were contests sponsored by Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor.  When the boys went in to sign up I was immediately approached by the local manager who exclaimed, “I know you!”

Whoops.  I think I have an ice cream problem.

Click on the picture for a hilarious rendition of “Eye of the Tiger”.

Strawberry, the raging extrovert decided he wanted to do karaoke in front of…well…hundreds of people.  Can I say this has been on my bucket list for years, and I’m still too petrified to do it.  Vanilla, the raging introvert grew some cajones in a moment of weakness and joined him.

I got a quick snippit here  (or click on the picture on the left).  I promise it will make you laugh.  Worth the 45 seconds of watching.

Between this and a hula hooping contest we won a ridiculous amount of free food, admission to the Swap Meet for a year and a bunch of other prizes.  So much more fun than I ever anticipated at a local flea market.

After the Swap Meet we headed to the beach (since we were pretty close already) with the rest of Orange County.  While the rest of the country has no ability to deny summer’s presence with the heat, June Gloom has been lingering rendering today the first “summer like” day in about a month.

Had Sunday night takeout to round out the weekend and this was in my fortune cookie.  Tell me something I didn’t already figure out.

Sometimes we get so stuck in our ruts, whether it’s our workout routines, weekend plans, etc. we forget what’s right around the corner that we’re missing out on.  I have to say, I’m learning a lot of that this summer.  With my injury I’m realizing how much I can enjoy other athletic activities outside of running, the kids and I are doing some serious ‘sploring’ in the hood, and I’m trying to really break out of my comfort zone (ahem, meeting new runners and going to crazy running events).   There have been a few rough moments, but overall it’s been an enriching experience.

Are you stuck in any ruts lately?
Anyone else change it up this weekend?

Any pleasant surprises?


2 thoughts on “Mixing It Up

  1. I don’t know how many Elvis Presley movies youv’e seen at your age but Caleb has the “Kings” rubber legs. Great Dance moves, thoroughly enjoyed watching the boys Karoke debut.

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