Miss-tashing the Babes

I did a brisk 8 mile bike ride chasing a poor unsuspecting super professional looking biker  guy on the trail last night.

Total biking miles for the day:  22

It should have been fun.

He was in his super fun gear, on his super fancy bike.  I trailed behind on my flat bar bike with a Target $8.99 helmet for about 5 miles trying to mimic what he was doing (I’m trying to learn this road bike thing).

Good learning opportunity for me, creepy stalkerish night for the guy.  Don’t worry, he had about 50 pounds on me so he probably figured he could take me.  Little did he know that I had done some weight work with my 8 lb hand weights.  Watch out world.

But instead of having fun, I mostly missed these little buttheads (my children think that’s a term of endearment – seriously).

Maybe I should invest in some razors.  But then I couldn’t miss-tash them.

At least they’re having fun with their grandparents – memories they’ll always have.  Me, I’ll have that special 15 minutes with random biker guy.


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