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If you’ve been around StridingMom long for about 2.2 days you probably know I have a little froyo addiction.  It actually manifests itself in anything cold and sweet addiction.  I justify this by saying I need to hydrate.

Let’s face it.  I’m a hydration freak.  I actually have a hand held water bottle, Nathan water belt, & Camelback and use combinations for any of those on any given workout.  (I’ve been known to down 45+ ounces of water on a 20 mile run and STILL want more).

In the spirit of things getting hot, I thought I’d highlight my favorite cool hydration treats for the summer (for the record these are mine, no samples, supplies, or endorsements of any kind…my straight up promotion on these).

#1 – Frozen blueberries:  I literally go to Costco and buy the big bag.  Pour into a cup, serve with a spoon.  Less sugar than sorbet, yet cool and sweet.  A fantastic and healthy dessert option.

My new fave – I eat this at least once a day. It makes for super attractive purple teeth.

#2 – Nuun – extra dirty on the rocks.  Some are Nuun lovers, some are Nuun-so-much.  I’m in the like category.  I have little tubes everywhere.  At the very moment I can tell you have one in my bathroom (what?! I don’t know), one in my car console, one in my gym bag, one in my kitchen, one in the purse I carry about 1 time a week, and one in my overnight bag (a girl’s gotta plan ahead).

Gym bag necessities – deodrant, conditioner, shampoo, lock, earplugs (weird swimming tick) and a pen (?!). Not sure what the pen is for, but it’s there.  Maybe temporary tattoos.

After a really intense workout, I put in 1.5 tabs (extra dirty) on ice.  If you remember, out of a moment of desperation I may have tinkered with Orange Nuun and Shocktop at a street festival after an 11-mile run to said street festival.  Not half bad.

#3 – TJ’s Coconut Water Fruit Floes.  These. are. amazing.  It’s my new fave sweet treat.  They’re made with coconut water so there’s potassium.  There’s coconut cream and natural cane sugar added so it’s not exactly the healthiest option out there, but they sure are yummy!

#4 – Zico Chocolate Coconut Water:  As a mom of busy babes I spend a lot of time at the pool at the summer- like literally every waking moment that I’m not working or working out.  It’s hot and if I’ve worked out, I’m usually drained and about 3 hours in I’m craving chocolate to stave off my crabbiness from refereeing the inevitable fights over goggles and diving sticks.  It hydrates, it refreshes, it does the trick!

#5 – Banana “Ice Cream”:  When my bananas are about to turn and my kids refuse to eat them “because they have freckles”.  Peel, freeze in Ziploc bag.  When you want your “ice cream” you simply put in the blender, wait 5 minutes to start thawing and blend.  It will turn to a fro you like consistency.  If you’re feeling sassy – toss some almonds or a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top.

Frozen bag of bananas currently in the freezer.

100% fruit, 100% natural, 100% good. My kids are none the wiser that it’s literally blended bananas

And when all else fails – I know that Yogurtland is only a quick bike ride away.  Or a margarita – on the rocks naturally.

What’s your favorite summer cool treat?

Any other healthy options out there?

8 thoughts on “Cool Treats

  1. I freeze my bananas when they have freckles (you’re right kids, it’s icky!), but freeze them in the peel because when I tried to peel them first they went brown and creepy. Does the ziplock bag do the trick? (I think I used a fold-top sandwich bag).

    • You saw what was there – those suckers were about 3-4 weeks old. I just use a gallon bag, sealed bag and put them in the freezer straight away. It’s one of my fave desserts!

    • Brandi- You can get it at most running stores, their website or A lot of bloggers who are their ambassadors post discount codes (I am not one of them, but google “Nuun Discount” and it should pop up. I love it! It’s way less calories and sugar than Gatorade, no artificial colors and all of the electrolytes!

  2. Congrats!!! Way to place 🙂

    You have me wanting to go to Trader Joe’s now. My favorite summer treat is a toss up between Cherry Lemonade and Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

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