Naughty Mom

I was going to swim for a workout, but ended up moving furniture for 1.5 hours – about 30 pounds of dressers up and down stairs and all around my children’s bedroom.  Does Dailymile have a “lifting heavy furniture” category?  Methinks not.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good after the ol’ race, but my groin is a bit tweaky.  Not when I walk or run, of course, but when I’m bending and lifting things.

Speaking of bending and lifting.  I had been thinking about posting all of the search terms that lead people to my site the other day.  But then Monica from Run Eat Repeat beat me to it.  But today, my friends, was one I have to share.

Ms. Elle Woods bending and snapping. Why is this picture here? Because we have absolutely nothing in common.

“Mom being naughty.” – This google search actually led some poor, unfortunate fool to StridingMom.

Boy, I bet they were disappointed.

A clothed woman.

Who has no boobs.

Major bummer to the naughty mom seeker.  He/she found out the hard way that my being naughty includes things like:  eating dessert (okay, eating DESSERTS and Fro Yo doesn’t count), running 8:30+ minute miles, and cracking open a bottle of red before 8:00 at night.

Okay so maybe I did go a bit nuts tonight.  Or at least toasted my goat cheese with nuts before I put it on my spinach.  Clearly my naughtiness knows no bounds.

Dinner for one – check!

Speaking of being naughty, I have decided to actually be GOOD and give my groin/hip (whatever the PC way of saying my crotch hurts) some time to recover is to not run again this week but instead to swim and bike and will rest it some more until my 10K next weekend.

Which, BTW, if you live in SoCal- you should check out the Long Beach Pajama 5&10k.   They say to roll out of bed and come in your pj’s.  Well, that won’t be hard since I pretty much sleep in a sports bra and running shorts anyway – less work in the morning.

I got a Schwaggle deal making the race cost me about $22 bucks for a 10k- with race day packet pick up.  Sweet mother I’m so in.

Check out this motley crew.

And on the kid front – it’s uber creepy quiet here with the babes still off frollicking with the g-parents and my sisters.

And my sister is my superhero since she had this crew to tame today all while buying and selling her campers.

Kate, you’re a rock star.

Kate, if you read this- hug my babies tight for me.  Oh yeah, and then scream “Who peed on the toilet seat and didn’t wipe it off AGGGGGGGAIIIIN” from across the house – then they’ll think of me.

7 thoughts on “Naughty Mom

  1. when you said “and on the kid front – it’s uber creepy quiet here with the babes still off frolicking with the g-parents and my sister”, did you mean “SISTERS”?

      • Abnormal this post is totaly uelaretnd to what I used to be looking google for, but it surely was once listed on the first page. I suppose your doing one thing right if Google likes you enough to position you at the first web page of a non related search.

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