True Story

1 mile running
9 miles biking
20 minutes swimming
Blitzy Strides

2 miles x 10 min/miles.
Sweetest.  Strides.  Ever

As a mom, I recognize that each and every move I  make results in a hash mark in either the Charlie Sheen “winning” or Clueless “Loser” column.  Each day I rack up a slew in each column and I just hope that by the end of the day the winning hashes outnumber the loser ones.

Charlie Sheen or Alicia Silverstone…you decide.

That, or my kids have really good insurance when they get older to account for all the therapy they’ll inevitably need from my parenting failures.  Either one is *mostly* okay by me.

This week I had a serious heart to heart with Strawberry.  He wasn’t feelin’ the love so much.  As any parent with several children recognizes, they’re completely different in how they demonstrate love- but also how they receive love.  Apparently lately I’ve not been filling his love o’meter very well lately.  Fail.

Handsome dude and I ate his award ceremony this spring. Could he be any cuter? Yep, if you knew he hand picked that outfit and made me spend HOURS at the mall finding the exact pieces to match his vision.

Let me sidetrack to say 2 things here:

A- I’m so glad I have a 7-year old who can communicate these things with me.

B- I’m ridiculous thrilled that all the investment in time to maintain a relationship where he feels he can safely share this with me is worth all the blood, sweat and tears (of which there are many!).

Carrying on….

In a harsh series of uncontrollable calendar misgivings I was gone from the boys last week for 7 days and then they left to see their grandparents for 11 days (Gasp!) this morning.

I’m pretty sure I’ve cried more about this than they have.

So yesterday I ensured some extra special lovin’ time with my bambinos.  Strawberry lucked out as it was the littles last day of school so we got some extra time together.

His request:  let’s go for a run and go to Starbucks.

Why yes I’ll spoil you with whipped cream today. Whatever you please m’dear.  PS Can you count the freckles in this picture?

Child after my heart, I have two words for you:  Yes, please.

The best part was the conversation at Starbucks after our run where he rearranged parts of the day to make his ideal adult day:

Mom, if I was an adult you want to know what my perfect day would be?  Wake up, eat breakfast, go on a run, and then go to Starbucks to get a latte (since he’s never had one, I’ll consider this a total reflection on my tastes).  Then I’d come home and watch some hockey.  Then if I was 24 I would have a glass of wine.  And then I would ride a bike and relax and play some dominoes. 

Oh mylanta you crack me up my sweet, sweet son.

So while I had to forego the wine (major bummer), we made sure to bust in some Mexican Train dominoes tonight before bed.

Domino victory will be mine!

Don’t think you can win? Just wear a beanie and slide your extra dominoes in it. Yep, he did just that.

*Sniff*  Missing my babies already.  I’m certain their return will necessitate some grandparent detox (with lots of helpings of the word “no” and a monstrous cuddle sesh).

In the meantime I’m cleaning out every square inch of their room.

Oh and I’ll probably race (and by race I mean finish since I’m still on the recovery side of this injury).  Thinkin’ of hitting the Low Tide Ride & Stride tomorrow down in San Diego and got me some Schwaggle to do the Long Beach Pajama 10k next weekend.

3 thoughts on “True Story

  1. I am going to die. 1. I cannot get over that outfit. 2. I cannot get over that he picked out that outfit. 3. I cannot get over that he picked out that outfit prior to owning the garments necessary to complete that outfit. What an adorable munchkin. Don’t tell him I said that, he probably wouldn’t like it!

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