She’s Baaa-ck

A Few Bricks last week…
No Recuerdo Strides

Yes it’s official – I’m back.  I’m tired.  And I hardly remember much of what I actually did and when.

Most of my days looked something like this:

Wake up

Hit the gym

I love awkwardly angled self-portraits in the gym. Not one foreigner looked at me strangely at all. I swear. Okay that’s a lie. They ALL did.

Grab some grub

Each morning my breakfast appetizer was a little Nuun. Sweatastic times in mega humidity

Then pretty much hit the beach, pool, swam, feel asleep, drank something fruitastic, played volleyball, snorkeled or any variation thereof.

Some of the friends I met snorkeling. While I swam in the middle of hundreds of fish, I unfortunately, did not find Nemo.

Oh yeah, and there was a wedding!

I promised pink chiffon…so there you have it folks!  Steph & Ash – uber congrats.  Love you both!

I am clearly uber photogenic.  Check out some of the snapshots from the wedding:

Classy Pants: My aunt was testing the camera and this was the best I could do.

I title this photo: Hour 8 in chiffon, boned bodice dress in 88% humidity and 85 degrees. It felt nice if you’re masochistic and all.

I have no food, a full day of work ahead of me and kids who will likely not wake up until 9 o’clock and just have to take the tardy due to the late airport pickup last night.  Sounds like a serious reality check.

Not on the agenda – a workout.  Luckily I squeezed one last good one in yesterday morning because the ol’ schedule just won’t allow today.  Plus, I’ve missed my kids like peanut butter misses jelly.  So I want to spend as much time as possible making up for all the cuddles and smiles I missed last week for every minute possible after school.

From the late bedtime, I’m guessing I’ll get to make up for all the tears and whining I missed last week too.

What’d I miss last week?  Anything exciting?  Races, injury recoveries, etc?


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