Miles:  11.5 biking, probably 1 swimming
Silly, Sunny, Sandy Non-Strides

After my not-so glamorous return to running, I decided to take it easy for a few days with anything requiring me to stand on my own two feet.  My groin still reminds me that it hates me every few days so I’ll treat it better than a So Cal socialite does her little spoiled dog.

My workouts this weekend included a 60 minute sprint at a giant bounce house birthday party and plenty of sitting on my arse on airplanes high tailing it to the Caribbean for my cousin’s wedding.

Just a little picture I snapped this afternoon…

Spoiler Alert:  This wedding involves my uber cute cousin and his fiance and me sporting a pink chiffon bridesmaid dress.  Please commence with picking yourselves off the floor.

Me being super normal and totally unawkward as usual. The best part is…

I was actually photo bombing my cousin’s picture. Very mature.

In other news, one of the challenges for me in traveling is staying on top of my athletic game but STILL having fun.  I mean, there’s nothing worse than going on vacation and blowing all of the training you’ve put in, right?

Wait, there kind of is – it’s not having fun because you’re worried about wasting all of that time and energy you’ve put into training.   So without further adieu, my guide to vacationing in a sorta fun, sorta not destroying all I’ve worked on way.

1.  Pack food.  There’s nothing like mega million calorie, $32 meals at the airport…or worse yet…McDonalds.  So to avoid this I hit up my local Trader Joe’s and stacked up on snacks.  I grabbed the Pasadena Salad and the Super Spinach Salad, a few rolls and some Pure bars (coconut & almond…yum!).

Super meals on the go….

This also comes in handy if you meet a jetlagged, super weary traveler on his way home (Hi Greg!).  I overpacked the food and was able to share a salad and a great conversation with a total stranger.  Isn’t traveling fun?

2.  Work It Out.  I find for me that it’s best to get up in the morning and hit the gym, pool, whatever early in order to keep ahead of the day.   By the time the day wears on, I’m caught up in the sun, sand and maybe even a drink in my hand and have no desire to go put in a good effort workout.  So mornings it is!

Plus usually everyone’s asleep so there’s no one to see you sporting that sexy speedo in the pool with those super sleek goggles and neon orange ear plugs.  What, ear plugs?  Yes I hate water in my ear.  And yes, I realize I’m probably swimming in a toilet, but I’ll trust that the crap ton of chlorine that’s drying out my hair is doing it’s job.

The failed effort at capturing my cousin and I doing a synchronized swimming routine. I think I’ll stick to laps in the pool and my face in the camera.

3.  Every Other Day.  A few years ago I went out of town with my mom and remember discussing the every other rule – you can be a bum and eat garbage, etc. every other day, it causes half the damage.  On the other days (like today…bummer) it’s more of the normal at home diet.

How do you manage your vacations with training/workout routines?


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