On Michael Phelps

So the no-run ban is actually going slightly better than I thought.

First of all – Mumsie Dear and I decided to TRI something new.

I got 30 miles of “stuff” in last week through biking, swimming, & roller blading.

Now I swim all of the time…but more like, “chase the kids under the water” and “treading water while I make sure no one drowns” kind of swimming.  Not, “hey let’s jump in the pool and swim for a long, fast time”.

He makes this face after winning a race. I make this face about 835 times a day when I have to yell at my kids. Okay, maybe only 326 times.

I’m swimming because

A:  It’s a good workout
B:  It makes my hip/groin feel so much better
C:  I kind of have to “perform” at the end of July.

But I’m not exactly falling in love with it.  I mean, I’m in a pool that’s usually kind of dirty.  I’m attempting to not gulp down water that who knows how many people have peed in.  I have to go to the gym (more on that later this week).  I can only listen to my own bubbles for about 20 minutes before I start going stir crazy.  You can’t feel your sweat (weird, I know).

So I am trying to get motivated.  Naturally I started thinking about Michael Phelps since during the last Olympics I had 3 year-old who was OBSESSED with him.

So the comparison between Michael Phelps and myself:

Will I ever love swimming?  Probably not.  Do I know I need to do it sometimes.  Absolutely.

So I shall swim.


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