Check ‘Er Out

Remember way back when I said my mom was training for her first 5k since I was in high school?

Well she did it this morning folks, and I’m so stinking proud.

A few reasons….

A- She reached beat her goal time by 10 seconds

Run, Honey, Run!

B- She came in 10th of 24 in her age group

Is that the look of victory or what?!

C- She did this in her minimalist shoes 🙂

She said it best, “These shoes were made for running!”

Honey (my kids call her that!), we’re so stinkin’ proud of you.  And I’m even a *little* *lot* jealous you got to spend your Saturday morning running.

Today is a big race day for  people I know and bloggers I read (that’s you Sarah).  And whether it’s a a marathon, 5k or even jogging to the end of the street/park (yes, I’m talking to you) – each step counts, each goal reached matters.  I love hearing the stories, I love seeing the sweat, tears and ice put into each goal.  Keep ’em coming folks.

And on that note, rock on Honey, rock on!  Stay tuned…this woman’s got more goals and I’ll tell you about ’em in the next few days.


3 thoughts on “Check ‘Er Out

  1. Aw. Shucks. I probably wouldn’t have done this without per posting it to the world and without all her encouragement. My daughter rocks and she keeps me motivated! New goal is going to be interesting!

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