Saturday Roundup

After four months of looking at this daily, I’m going to have to cross 10 miles off this list 😦

I should could write about running here – but I’m a little bitter.  I promise I’ll post more on that but let’s say my hip/groin and I are in cahoots and it’s not a pretty battle.

During race packet pickup today for the Laguna Hills Half (my hometown race!) I had to go to the dreaded “Solutions” table and utter the words “downgrade”.  What I’m downgrading to – I’m not sure yet, but I am certainly not running the half which is a monster bummer since I only had 2 spring goals:  -Finish my first full & place the Laguna Hills Half.

That said I tried to make the day fun with the bambinos to make up for it.  And they’ve done their best to help.

First of all – THEY SLEPT IN.

Can I get a round of “Hallelujiah’s!”?

Then we lazily watched cartoons and read books in bed.  Around 9 (what?!?!) we finally headed out to use our free coupons we’ve been saving for Bruegger’s Bagels & Juice It Up!

What? You don’t wear neon green suspenders with YOUR pajamas? At Juice It Up!

We then had a monster bowling tournament on Wii, played games, read more books and were generally lazy.  We have had plans, work, tournaments, games, etc. for the last few months so we all NEEDED this morning.

We then picked up some race packets.   The highlight: doggie treats.  What?! We don’t own a dog, but we now have 4 packages of MilkBone treats.  I hear they’re replacing Gu packs on long runs.

After picking up some race packets, we continued on the lazy train by me cutting up all the leftover fruits & veggies in the fridge and making a monster salad.  (So good btw: mango, avocado, green onion, yellow peppers, spinach, romaine & all sorts of other goodies!).

And in a giant effort to tempt fate (surely someone is carrying some gnarly virus we will all now come down with in approximately 3.3 hours),  I once again slid into my classy pants and forewent bowls, plates and individual servings- threw the giant salad bowl on the patio table, tossed in a few forks, called the boys up from their bikes and told ’em to dig in.

What? Bowls, forks, plates? Mommy is a total classy pants so we ate it out of the giant bowl together.


Lest you think I was treating my children like livestock by schlepping down a giant bowl of scraps from the fridge and making everyone eat from the same corral, be assured no one complained.


Next up on our lazy, crazy day – a pizza swimming party.  Boys are in heaven, batteries are recharging and I’m only half in denial that my hip/groin is really injured.

Hey, has anyone seen any ibuprofen??


2 thoughts on “Saturday Roundup

  1. Hey! So I really love reading your blog and appreciate all you share! You are a wonderful person and mother. I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Pink Tree, or One Lovely Blog award! Details are on my page 🙂 You are awesome!

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