Summer’s Coming!

Strawberry LEAPING into Summer last year!

I could say something fun or profound – or just say – my hip hurt today.  Like REALLY bad.  Yesterday I was doing some speedwork on the dreadmill at the gym and around 2.5 miles my whole lower half seized up so I jogged to a halt, stretched, iced and called it a day.

Instead of being crabby about the fact I have a half marathon on Monday and I’m not sure what this means -I’m resolved to consider dropping down to the 10k if needed and focusing on something else – SUMMER’S COMING.

What? you ask.  Don’t you live in SoCal – land o’ perpetual summer?  

Ummm, yeah.  So what if it’s 85 degrees and we’re at the beach in February?

Summer’s coming and it just FEELS different.  Just to tame the heart for the next month until school gets out – last year’s summer in pictures….

The sun & the sand

Sangria in Mommy’s Hand


Hillbilly swimming

And Hillbilly Sangria (ftr, this was *mostly* staged)

Sporting my classy pants once again


3 thoughts on “Summer’s Coming!

  1. Your kids are SO cute!!

    Smart move dropping down, its not easy to drop out when you have your heart set on something but at least you had the option of a 10K. Thats great. Have a great holiday weekend 🙂

    • Thanks for the kid compliment. I only want to sell them every other day 😉 Just kidding…every third!

      On the fence about the 10k. I made a goal in February to place in this one and I’m right on the edge of being able to do that…Tough choice!

      • Haha my mom used to say the same thing about me and my siblings but now she keeps begging me to come visit her!

        Its a tough call for sure! Its never easy to back out of a race (sadly I’ve had to miss 2 recently). Just take care of that hip and maybe you’ll be feeling better by Monday! Good luck 🙂

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