Small Victories

The week is young, but I have a slew of small victories under my belt, so why not celebrate.

–>I got 15 miles in over the weekend.  Complete with 2 beach runs, 8 massive hill intervals, dolphins, bloody nipple sightings (not mine!), and capped off with a mile walk on the beach.

–>How can you not smile when you see these boys having so much fun?  Not a care in the world…except for landing of course!

Off he goes!

–>When Chocolate used the carpeting as a canvas for his silver metallic ink pad 2’x3′ creation in the middle of his bedroom floor, I didn’t swear *out loud*.

–>We got to see the solar eclipse in all it’s glory (this pic doesn’t do it justice).

Total eclipse of So Cal! We literally cloud stalked and drove about 4 miles to keep up with this!

–>When Chocolate used same said ink pad for his face and it wouldn’t come off, I only sorta cried.  In other news I am going to wrap him in foil and send him to school as the tin man for the rest of the week.

–>I successfully used every disgusting word I could to make the ultimate 7-year old boy mad lib and officially attained hero status in my son’s eyes.  Somewhere out there he’s telling his friends about how his mom drove a poopy barfball car to the stinky grocery store.

–>Vanilla is officially writing SENTENCES!  Evreebody git ixitid!  We went frum not reeding to riting sentnses in trhee wekes!

–>Did you know that about 50 ounces of rubbing alcohol and 5 hand towels get an entire ink pad out of carpeting?  My house will likely smell like a hospital until my kids graduate high school, but the carpet is cleaned.

–> Strawberry has officially turned into Popeye.

What?! Green beans, dinner sans a shirt, and tatted up arms. I’m kind of a big deal. In other news, Mom turn on the A/C and maybe I’ll show up to dinner fully clothed!


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