Sane-less Strides
Clearly not enough

It’s been kind of a wild week few weeks.  So honestly, I’ve been having a hard time logging my runs or even remembering if I put underwear on in the morning.  I’ve been squeezing them in when/how I can.  Usually thanks to my sister visiting – the WEE hours of the morning or a quick 20-30 minutes in the evening.

Courtesy of Shrek 2 and my awesome sister, I did get a late evening of Yassos (this blog explains Yassos better than I can) in on Wednesday which was nice.  I kept ’em betwen 3:00-3:20 (I tanked on the last one and knew it) but it felt good to pound out a lot of pent up frustration on the pavement.

Unfortunately, no tips were received for the performance.

That said, there’s been a ton of contradictions this week…

My “all-boy” nephew shed his Midwest roots to provide a little entertainment for those at the Veggie Grille by providing a little pole dance.

You must look past that rough, rugged exterior, hoarse little “man-boy” voice and realize this kid’s got some serious moves.

Yay Whole Foods!

In other news, we just got a Whole Foods in my neighborhood peeps!  I like to think I’m a “Whole Foods” kind of gal – keeping it light and healthy.  Except I can basically afford an apple there.

Instead, I drove right past it and pulled into my favorite breakfast burrito place to get my sister her favorite breakfast.  I may or may  not have had half of the approximately 10-lb burrito chocked full of calorie laden goodness – eggs, hash browns, cheese, avocado & salsa.  At this moment, my intestines hate me for even thinking about it.

She may look adorable, but don’t let this sly, sweet smile deceive you.

One night I took a little break from work to help my niece fall asleep.  I snuggled into bed with this little cutie for about 10 minutes to rub her back as she fell asleep.  Right before she knocked out, she backed her little rear into my stomach for a little spooning sesh.

I was thrilled to have a tender moment with my niece I hardly ever get to see in person (we have more a Skype/iPhone relationship).

That is…until she lets out and rips the loudest fart known to come out of a little compact body.

Adorable.  *gag*

Keeping it classy peeps

And lastly, I turned in my classy pants for a little taste of the busy & lazy (aka I don’t have time to put my food onto a plate) by apparently eating my meals from any and every container they came in and not using proper plating.

Wait, that’s not a contradiction…I have never owned a pair of classy pants in my life.

That’s probably more normal than not.

Any contradictions in your week?


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