Letting it Go…

The interwebs can be a great thing.  I’ve learned really important things like:

1.  Cats are supposed to be funny.  I don’t get this because I think they’re evil incarnate (sorry cat lovers, allergies have thwarted my world view of cats).

What?!? I don’t get this.

2.  I’ll always feel slow and lazy.  There’s always someone who’s faster, trains harder and has a “perfect” running life. I read about some runners who sit down on Sunday, map out a great week of training and stick to it.

I. get. jealous.

As a working mom, I can sit down and map out my week on Sunday at 9am and by 9:03 it’s already changed.

Even my Mother’s Day weekend has been like that.  Today, I had dreams of getting up for an early morning run, breakfast, playing in the pool with the kiddos, but instead I slept in until a normal time after waking up every other hour last night, worked and squeezed in some time with my babes.

Clearly I lost my memo that it was a COSTUME bridal shower.

Changed expectations.  Motherhood forces you to learn that lesson – like it or not.  For example, yesterday my boys got dressed for a bridal shower I was co-hosting for my cousin.  Being 50 miles from home I was sans babysitter leaving me with an unlikely trio of shower dates.

The 3 Stooges loves of my life the shower dressed as a raccoon, Freddy Kreuger (at least he had a formal tie on) and a monster.

And I let this go down, bless them.

Happy Boys!

The truth is, they sat in the front yard playing on a swing and had the time of their lives and served as a humorous welcome crew for the guests.

How about you – do you ever feel like an uber slacker reading other blogs or hanging out with other runners?

What went according to plan for you this weekend? 

How about the notsomuch plans?


3 thoughts on “Letting it Go…

  1. Yep!! I used to have a coach that sent me my weekly plans and now I am self coached and do the “No plan-Plan” because it’s hard with kids! I might be woken up five times in one night or in about to go to the track and someone decides to puke, lol. Plans change constantly here. So basically I’m on the not-so-much, no plan, plan 😉

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