Miles:  9.01
Minutes:  1:14:20
Stupid Strides

My “I’m so stupid” look!

I should have titled this post “Stupid Things I’ve Done” but that would require more bandwith than allowed plus “stupid” is currently the “s-word” in our house.  So I just titled it, “Doh!” and we’ll discuss a few awful mistakes I made yesterday and the consequences.

After charging through a litany of stray calls, deadlines, and trying to finish everything in time my day clipped by without hardly noticing what time it was.  I KNEW I had to get a run in, even if it was later in the day.

When it was about 6 and I decided to go run I had consumed approximately 1 banana, 1 bowl of granola and 1 english muffin…all day.  Washed down by probably 3 glasses of water and that’s it.  Mistake #1.

When I left to run I naturally I forgot my electrolytes (I’m a big Nuun fan) for my water, but did the 9-miles anyway.  Anyone who has ever run with me knows I’m part camel.  I can do 10 miles and drink 30 ounces no problem.  On a 20-miler, I’ll down 40 ounces, not stop to pee and spend the last 2 miles wishing I had even more water with me.  My water bottles tasted funny so I didn’t really drink much while running.  Mistakes #2 & 3.

Celebrating in style….

Got home, rushed to get ready for dinner and may not have had anything to eat and just pounded a quick glass of water before I left.  Mistake #4. 

Enter Cafe Bizou, a very busy, very adorable little French cafe where my family was celebrating a special occasion.

The said quaint adorable little restaurant also only housed one little stall in the bathroom.  This is where I was likely found hanging my head over the trash can dry heaving with completely numb palms, the chills and sporting a fantastic shade of Casper white.


Dehydration folks.  It’s no joke.

Luckily I pounded a few glasses of water and swallowed a half a loaf of bread whole and somewhat recovered quickly.

Enjoyed a fantastic evening with family and remembered why it’s okay to be OCD about my water intake.

Somewhere in there is my family and I.

3 thoughts on “Doh!

  1. Ugh. This sounds awful. I hope you feel better today! I carried water (well, actually Nuun) with me for the first time EVER yesterday (I’ve never run more than 13.1 miles, so it’s not as bad as it sounds). I couldn’t believe how nice it was to be able to drink while running!

    I’m confident that you’ll be hydrating strong next time!

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