Very, Very Sneaky…

True story…I like Adam Sandler movies.

Emilio – “I am very, very sneaky sir!”

Remember Emilio from Mr. Deeds?  He was “very, very sneaky”.

Yesterday was a day of sneakiness.

I went on a super early morning run.  I had a busy day working lined up so I took a quick shower and may or may not have forgotten to brush my hair after.

Priorities people. 

By the time school pick up time rolled around, I was sporting my eu de Degree and smelling fresher than a daisy, but looked….um…well….like a celebrity stumbling out a nightclub at 3am (in spandex naturally).

So here’s my favorite little secret.  Sometimes after I clean up I put fresh running clothes back on and may or may not let everyone think I was running, not that I’m entirely lazy (and/or busy).

I’m likely known as the crazy running mom – so I work this to my advantage.

When I show up to school sportin’ my spandex and stinking, no one questions it.  “Oh, she’s just that crazy mother runner,” the other parents justify.  And I get off the grooming wagon scott free!

There is a little hiccup in all of this.  I live in Southern California.

The answer to this would be – none of them.

People, the grooming standards are high.  The moms show up to school primped and preened.  And this is when I’m grateful for a few things:

A- I have no standards for my appearance.

B- I have running – my great excuse.

And as an added bonus when I just don’t want to get dressed in normal clothes on rest days (which is pretty much EVERY rest day), I slip into my select choice of water wicking lyrca and abracadabra, my lack of hygiene is somewhat deceitfully justified.

Can you believe that this is 100% banana and 100% awesome? I topped it with some almond slices after the pic….

Additionally I took my sneakiness to the next level after dinner last night.  I came across this awesome, super easy dessert recipe – take frozen bananas, blend them until the consistency of soft serve, top with sliced almonds (I added a drizzle of chocolate syrup) and serve.


Instant soft serve that’s literally 100% fruit (minus the fun toppings).  My kids were in heaven!  Especially my little guy with a dairy allergy.  We will most definitely be busting this out throughout the summer.

Have you been sneaky lately??

Do you ever use running as an excuse for anything (other than laundry, because that’s just a given!)?


5 thoughts on “Very, Very Sneaky…

  1. Yes! My kids go to a great, great school but all the moms show up looking all hot and I show up looking all hot mess. I only have an hour between my kids different schedules to run and I will NOT sacrifice ten minutes to shower, lol.

  2. I use to just love to live in my bike clothes. noboddy knew if I just got off the bike or if getting on, especially since the bike was always on athe back of the car. it really impresses people

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