May Gray

Miles:  4.3
Time:  35: 06
3/4 mile walk & Running drills
Misty Strides

With some care I snapped a pic of his view

Vanilla has been obsessed with doorknobs lately.  I couldn’t figure out why he was spending so much time there.  And in his little appropriately narcissistic 5-year old world, he delightfully discovered something new – perspective.

Your muscles look bigger, nose – funnier, head – shorter.  The forever artist, he’s discovered the joy of looking at things from a different view.

Today I needed a different perspective.


It was my first “real” run (aka over 5k and with more than 2 hours of sleep) since my marathon.  4.2 miles.  On and off throughout the run my hip/groin told me stories.

The pain was a lot less toddler temper tantrum, and more small child waking you in the night whispering “Mommy I can’t sleep” into your ear.  Major progress.  My legs are definitely still not 100% –  feeling a little heavier than normal.

See that…there are usually mountains behind it….

They were slow miles.  It was gray, misty, dark and before 5am which can be a recipe for a total crabfest.  We Californians call this “May Gray” which naturally leads to “June Gloom” and no one has named the July version of this phenomenon where every morning near the coast starts out in a hazy mist, but by noon the sun is shining and the mist is gone.

While I was hoping for some sunshine this morning, I was forgetting that this marine layer is what keeps it a reasonable temperature here in So Cal.  It gives summer runners a cool curtain to squeeze in a morning run before the heat sets in.  And it’s a reminder that I am fortunate enough to live within a few miles of the coastline – something, I don’t ever want to take for granted.

This is myself and the boys at the store…wait, what?

Later in the day my need to understand perspective changed again as I was walking through the local grocery store.  Everyone walking at me smiled and chuckled.

Given I hadn’t yelled at my children or had to tell anyone to just “stop it” or threaten a time out in about, oh, 2.3 minutes I assumed that they were smiling at my uber cute children and my clearly fantastic mothering skills.

Until I turned around.

I saw Vanilla walking around with his shirt pulled down so his nips were showing announcing to every passer by that he did, in fact, not have just one, but two totally perfect nipples.  “Nipples, nipples, nipples,” he sang to any not-so-innocent bystander.

And so again, sometimes a look up, down, or even behind changes your perspective – good, bad or ugly 🙂


5 thoughts on “May Gray

  1. Oh….my….gosh….That is hysterical!! Our kids need to hang out. It would be a looney circus 🙂 Be patient with your body…marathon recovery can be a huge pita but is necessary.

    • Oh it probably would be a circus. The best part is most people would think I was embarrassed, but I was actually disappointed it wasn’t my stellar parenting skills that were getting the smiles or sweet new runnin’ kicks.

  2. Glad you got a run in after your awesome marathon performance! Definitely smart to take it easy and listen to your body, it knows best. Last time I didn’t listen, I developed IT Band problems. I’ll be listening alot more now!

    • I know the ITB is so rough! I’ve definitely been in body listening mode. I’d say I’m feeling about 75% which isn’t half bad. How’s the ol’ IT band feeling this week??

      • Thats great for such a short time after the marathon! You’ll be back in tip top running mode soon 🙂

        The IT Band is feeling better (knock on wood!). I think the PT is helping but it might still be too early to tell. Staying positive though!

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