Born to be Wild

Miles:  2.25
Minutes:  21 (yes you read that right)
20 minute sprints on the bike
Sleepy Strides

This morning it was time to tie the ol’ shoelaces and open it up since my marathon last weekend. Yes, I actually made it the full week of rest from running!  Yay!

No.  I didn’t have much of a choice as life has been so crazy busy this past week.

Truth be told, I was kind of grateful because my body probably needed it.  And with the tricky hip issue still nagging a bit I knew I needed extra time.

On Friday I suited up to go run, and then….got smart.

The kids were tired.  My body probably needed that last bit of rest.  And I had absentmindedly promised pizza night (a 3 hour commitment to sticking around the house) earlier in the week.

So I rested like a rock star.

We put on our dancing shoes!

Have I mentioned Chocolate is a my little Ham Bone?  My camera was being wonky so the pics are fuzzy, but he found my “work shoes” and busted out his moves.  Sadly, he probably did better in them than I do trying to walk into conference rooms.

We busted our best moves!

While it looks like the Macarena was happening, this was actually the two of us singing Taylor Swift songs to each other.  And I have sufficient evidence that I have zero posture when dancing.

We feasted.

So good.  So naughty.  I love me some skillet pizza.  I literally go through about 3 pounds of tomatoes to make it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t my best batch.  Luckily the boys don’t care too much.

We embraced our wild side with a monster cuddle sesh…

We then got really ca-ray-zee and finished our wild night by watching a documentary about nature’s crazy little life cycle between sharks, turtles and birds.

People, we know how to have a wild night!


3 thoughts on “Born to be Wild

  1. AWE so cute! I found your blog through Kris’s and I love it! I can’t wait to read more! I’m such the atypical college student and would almost always prefer to stay in versus go out. 😛

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