Gro-in Pains

Stretchy Strides
Doin’ Me Some Yoga

Today was a day of gro-in pains…..

This was with them pulled down, “like a baller” – his own words. A wee bit tiny.

#1- Sweet Cheeks 

As Chocolate walked into school I realized the jeans that were hanging off his ankles but a month ago were giving him an air a la Steve Urkle.  I should have known since the other day he put on his “spare shorts” in the car and kind of looked more LMFAO “in a Speedo tryin’ to tan my cheeks”.

#2 -Mah Bayyyy-beees!

There is no possible way these boys are kindy-ready. In my mind they’re still 3.

I registered my babies for kindergarten.  I might have been all coy and smiles on the outside as I talked with the registrar and chummily filled out the paperwork…but on the inside I was all dramatically, “Maaahhh BAY-BEES!  Maaaah BAY-BEES” in the southern accent I never had or ever will have.

#3- Let’s Play Doctor

Let me backtrack by saying a few weeks ago I read this post over at Shut Up and Run.  Long story short:  she humorously conveys the process of getting her hip/groin examined.  I chuckled and was glad it wasn’t me.  I mean, my hip flexor has been a little dicey but overall pretty well behaved lately.

Until this week.

Sometime after my race my hip flexor has been um…well…angry.  And I was afraid to start running again until I made sure it was all okay.  So yes, this afternoon I had it checked out.  Besides practically getting to 3rd base in a very public setting, I found a great sports med guy who looks at gait, strength, does active release techniques, etc.  I spent an hour with him and found out two very funny things:

  • A: I have wide hips.  Um…yes.  If you saw me, you’d laugh.  Remember this post?  You know where my son said I looked like an 11 year old girl?  But apparently given my size, my hips are actually disproportionately wide which can make my gait a little tricky.
  • B:  My butt’s not as strong as I thought it would be.  Because clearly this is something that keeps me up at night. (what?! um no)  Somehow my medial glute or rectus somethingus is weak putting pressure on other big muscles leaving me a little tweaky.  So I will do strength exercises and stretches to get back on track.  Yay for no major injuries and a good doc!

This weekend should involve far less gro-in and groin pains.  A return to running, stretching and bachelorette party are all in order!


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