Ahh Behold the Power…

Stretchy Strides
Perhaps Some Yoga

And no I’m not talking about the power of cheese. (remember those commercials?)

Yesterday a friend of mine, and super running encourager extraordinaire sent me the following email.

Well timed.

Rest.  I typically hate it.

I’m not going to lie.  The next few weeks are uber stressful.  Between work, some bridesmaid duties, soccer parties, school registration, giving and grading finals, birthday parties, football games, you’re getting the picture -I won’t bore you with more details.

So I was talking to my aunt yesterday who said, “You really should sneak in a quick run, you’ll feel better.”  Bless her she knows me.

So. tempting.

I mean, my legs have lost that lead feeling and I do have a half marathon in 3.5 weeks after all!

When children get the camera on Saturday mornings…

But no, I will rest.

The article reminds me of all the crap I did to my body the last few months:  micro-shredded muscles, fantastic cellular damage, trashing my immune system, etc.  And it was so fun doing it!

But the science shows that taking that full week off will not affect my fitness and let my body heal.  So that PR I’m after Memorial Day weekend should be just fine.

So I will rest.

I will prepare by doing no running at all.

And I will imagine killing my PR in a few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Ahh Behold the Power…

  1. I’m of the philosopy that if you think you need rest…..you do. Just like in a tough race the mind always falters before the body will. If your mind is telling you to rest it indicates you’re body needs it. Love your line about having fun trashing your immune system 🙂

    • Yes, I’m still feeling a little tweaky and tired (I was fighting off a cold before the race and still feel it lingering a little tiny bit). So I shall rest… 🙂 And so true about the mind faltering before the body!

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