Another Mother Runner

So I finally joined the tribe…

Check out my little snippit on “Another Mother Runner”.  If you have never checked out the book, it’s amazing.

Let's keep everything in the porcelain throne shall we?


I absolutely love that website.  Why?  Because it’s a refuge for runners like me.

Runners who get their hip flexor strengthening exercises interrupted by, “Mom, I just went poop and the toilet’s flooding the bathroom.  It’s kinda gross!


Runners who try to bust in a quick yoga sesh after the kids go to bed and they finish that one last late night teleconference only to find that their helpful 5 year old tried to refill the liquid hand soap container, but failed to put the cap back on the 64 ounce bottle and it has currently seeped into every nook, cranny and crevice under the only other functioning bathroom’s sink and floor. (ftr, that is the world’s longest sentence)

And that was just last night.  *le sigh*

How long until I’m done recovering again and get to let loose on my trails?

How’s your week going?
Any advice for cleaning up soap or strengthening those hip flexors?


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