Feeling the Squeeze

Spinning Strides…
Going to hit the bike today

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my calves.



See we have a love/hate relationship. I love to make them hate me.

If the little muscle fibers in my calves were personified, they'd look like this.

If there’s one part of my body that’s going to get really short and tight (other than my attitude when my kids are crabby), it’s my calves.

The day after my marathon, 98% of my body felt good – but my calves – they had formed an angry mob.  It was like the 99% had staged an angry rebellion in the lower half of my legs.  They were beyond tight, swollen (truly, that’s never happened before), and throwing the kind of temper tantrum a 3.5 year old throws when you tell him/her we’re leaving Chuck E Cheese…now.

My family thought it was funny to have me run (I use that term loosely) upstairs to get things just to hear me grunt, growl and watch me waddle back down.  It was a sick little game they played.  I’m so glad my family has a sense of humor!

So all things considered, I’m thinking about putting the squeeze on these calves of mine:  methinks it might be time to check out the ol’ compression socks.

Do you use compression socks? Love ’em?  Hate ’em?
What kind do you use?
Tell me stories!


One thought on “Feeling the Squeeze

  1. Oh I LOVE compression socks, they’ve saved me from a lot of discomfort. I had the same crampy feeling from my calves too but I wear CEP allsport sleeves before, during, and after long runs and for me its like magic. I won’t run without them!

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