Wine + Half Marathon + Local = Why not?

Miles:  1,726
Sitting Strides (I was on the plane party peeps!)

I had a nice little flight home from Chicago and the marathon madness.  Settling back into work and of course see my precious cargo waiting at home for me.  They promptly cried, farted, and ignored me (in no particular order) so basically it was all pretty normal.

I was updating my race list last night and realized I only have one upcoming race planned.


I better rectify that. 

I stumbled across this little beauty:  SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon

The Dirty 30 cup - Ironically I never wear pink and am anti-sparkle. My family thought this was hilarious last year...


It’s a trail race through Temecula.  The post-race description:  FREE wine tastings while supplies last.

So you’re saying I have to run fast to get the free wine.  If that won’t get me to break 100 minutes, I don’t know what will….

Check out the swag:  All race participants will receive a custom race medal, technical race t-shirt, and commemorative race logo’d wine glass!

wine + running = love

On the fence on registering as I’ll be in the Dominican Republic the week before the race for a wedding.  Plus after this weekend’s festivities, forking over the race registration sorta kinda makes me cringe…

Any other So Cal-ers see this one?

Anyone registered?  (hint:  any OC carpoolers out there? )

Ever run a race after being at an all-inclusive resort with unlimited food and beverages for 7 days prior?  


2 thoughts on “Wine + Half Marathon + Local = Why not?

  1. I think if I had to run a half after being at an all-inclusive resort the week before then I would have to roll myself through the course, lol. I would still do it though because a wine half sounds like a blast!

  2. I know right. I have two thoughts – A – Could be my slowest half ever or B- I will run fast for the “while supplies last” wine tasting. Hmmm…tough call 🙂

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