On Good Deeds, Car Seats & Advice

Adorable running partner and I embracing our inner flamingo

Miles 3.5
Slow & Steady Strides

I had the opportunity to go on not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 great running partners today.  Most of them were under the age of 10…

I flew out to Chicago yesterday evening.  I hopped on the plane and found a woman struggling with getting her daughter’s car seat into the overhead bin.  I knew exactly how to break it down to squeeze it in.

I offered her a sympathetic smile, and a quick, “You want to know how to do that?  The back pops off easily.

I helped her, sat down and didn’t think much of it.  I mean, a mom always helps another mom in need, right?

As I was walking through the terminal  a man came up to me and said, “I saw what you did for that woman and it was so nice you stood up, stepped out and helped her.”  I gave the obligatory smile, said it was really nothing and he started (key word started) to walk away.

I saw his bag and realized he was carrying the bag with the marathon tags.

@ the airport waiting for the parental pickup

“Oh you’re the marathoner!” I thought I said nicely, but likely forced out awkwardly.  Because clearly this is normal.  What?!  Right….

He spun around, and said, “Yeah, I’m actually a coach.”

Truth be told, I was starting to get back to my mental slump, the flurry of doubt, etc.  You know, typical, “I’m trying something new…let’s totally panic about it” type mode.  We engaged in a great conversation and I left feeling completely refreshed.

If I never did what a mother would always do, I’d have never seen marathon man’s bag, and he wouldn’t have approached me and I was singing (quietly inside) on my way for the proud parental peeps to pick me up from the airport!

4 thoughts on “On Good Deeds, Car Seats & Advice

  1. Its so fun meeting other runners when you’re away! I was running in my resort in Disney World last year and passed a few other runners. Besides the head nod during running, one guy stopped to chat with me when I was done to chat about races and things. Its almost like a big community.

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