You may think it’s funny, but it’S NOT


I'm such a snot!

Miles:  3
Time:  22:40
Get it Done Before Dinner Strides

I’m fighting a cold.

And after 3 days it’s finally winning.  Apparently there’s not enough Zicam and Emergen-C in the world to keep it at bay.

Oh and guess what?  There’s record high pollen counts in Illinois.  To the normal person it’s a nuisance…but to the woman who’s spend years of her life receiving hundreds (if not into the 4 digit category) of allergy shots this isn’t welcomed news for a marathon.

So needless to say, it’s highly likely that my nose will be running faster and furiouser (yes that’s a word today) than I will.

So what snotty advice do you have? 
Best allergy meds for race day?


One thought on “You may think it’s funny, but it’S NOT

  1. My only advice is the sinus rinse. It’s like a Nero-pot only less intimidating. It’s disgusting but amazing and I swear it cuts my cold length of time in half. As for allergies, I bet it will help clear you out temporarily (enough to race for a bit). Hope you feel better soon!

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