You’re Only As Old As…

No miles today – early flight out.  Maybe I’ll get to do some yoga this evening….
Birthday Strides

If you ask my kids how old I am today, they’ll give you a straight answer:



Take that 22 year old legs....

Then about 30 seconds later they’ll look to see if I’m paying attention and they’ll quietly whisper,

“But she’s really 31”.

Bless them for humoring me, even if I’m betrayed with the truth moments later.

That said, my 31 year old legs are kicking my 22-year old legs a…errr…butt (edited as Strawberry has been reading the blog sometimes lately).  My last half was 20 minutes faster than my 2- year old self.  So take that body!

You’re only as old as your legs run fast.

Or you could use the other measure of age which is maturity.  This basically leaves me at 12.



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