Lie To Me

Miles:  4.1
Time:  31:45
Interval Innovating Strides
1 mile warmup, 3x800s (with 800’s in between)

A-freaking-dorable. Love him to pieces

First of all, how could you NOT want to run with this little fella?  I decided to spontaneously run today since tomorrow is out of the question with my work schedule.  I asked this little dude if he wanted to hit the park and do a few unexpected laps with me and he stepped out dressed like this.  Could you just die?

That said, I immediately regretted the Italian Beef sandwich I had for lunch approximately .02 seconds into my run.  And yes I totally justified the 40 grams of fat in that wonderful sandwich with the fact that it had almost 50 grams of protein and 60 grams of carbs.  Apparently I got bang for my buck in basically tasting the entire sandwich twice.  *shudder*

Whatever.  My birthday’s tomorrow I get to eat whatever I want today.  End. of. story.

I did a musicless run and basically spent every fast interval mentally chanting, “This is Boston!  This is Boston!” and the slower ones saying, “This isn’t Boston!  This isn’t Boston!“.  Don’t judge.  it worked.

Anywho, I had my phone on with no headphones so that sexy little voice from the Map My Run app was singing to me.

Distance 1.6 miles.  Pace 7:45.  Current speed 11:45.

*insert screeching tire noise here*

First of all, let me begin by saying I LOVE this app.  The distance tracking is spot on and I LOVE that I can go out with the intention of running 16-20 miles and just run aimlessly.  I feel a little crazy, and perhaps a bit naughty doing that.  I play math games in my head with the distances.  It’s a sick distraction.  Whatevs.

The average pace calculator is spot on.

The current speed – Not.

But I’ve learned I have selective lying reasoning. When I’m sprinting and the little voice in my head (or earphones…the voices in my head are much more confusing), tells me I’m going 11:23 miles – LIE.

When I’m dragging my feet and she tells me I’m going 7:17.  CLEARLY TRUTH.

Trucking down a hill – 16:22 – LIE 

Trudging up a hill – 4:15 – TRUTH Duh.  I mean, come on I can run 4:15’s in my sleep…

No really that’s the only place I’m running a 4:15.  Ever.

Sure, about 80% of the time it’s pretty close to being spot on.  But I can’t resist selectively trusting that sassy little woman whispering sweet somethings into my ear, because even if she’s right and I am running a 9:30 minute mile uphill…it actually makes me go faster.

Anyone who knows me knows I HATE being lied to.  But you, Map My Run voice, you can lie to me all day long.  Just be prepared for me to disown you when you make me look bad.


4 thoughts on “Lie To Me

  1. 4:15 pace uphill…..You are speed! Ha ha. I cannot stand when my Garmin says I am running a pace that I know is wrong. Once it said I was running 3:59 pace. Um….that is physically impossible but thanks Garmin 🙂

    Your son is adorable!

    • Yes…a love-hate relationship with the pacing…so hard when you know it’s lying! 3:59 – congrats 😉 And I will keep my son…most days…but during tantrums I often wonder what I’ll get for him on Ebay. Kidding…..mostly…

  2. Haha I had another app that used to do that to me too. It would tell me my pace was about a minute faster than I was really running. Even though I knew it was wrong, I still sort of loved hearing the faster pace!

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