30+ *shock*

On Friday I wrote about my super fun humbling rain run where I pretty much bit it.

I thought I felt great after my little mud treatment…until later that day when I realized I can’t move my arm.  When I did I get old enough that falling actually hurt?  It was a little bit of a surprise.  With a birthday looming like last week’s storm clouds, I know I’m not getting any younger.  I mean my kids  literally THRASH each other into a wall and walk away with knots in their head 3 inches huge and bruises over half of their body and shake it off and walk away all as though they got a papercut.

Because nothing says fun like hoisting your tantruming 5 year old over your shoulder and walking out of Starbucks

Anyway, arm hurt like heck so I took the weekend off and felt a little like my son did on Saturday morning – a little crabby.  (see pic to the left)

I daydreamed about my runs.  I saw people in running shorts and kind of swooned a bit.  But whatevs, it’s Monday and I’ll squeeze one in today now that my arm is well..functioning…

And for the record, whoever said running 20+ miles is hard has never had to hoist a temper tantrum toting child who is about half your body weight and resisting out of Starbucks all while trying to avert angry stares.  That, peeps, is hard work.


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