I Can’t Do This

Miles:       5.04
Time:       38:51
Pace:       7:42
Multi-tasking Strides
Flat run on the trail with the kids in tow.

In 17 days I’m losing my marathon virginity.   Well, at least the running kind (see below).


Oh my SVU...can I get a "whoop whoop!"?

Sure I’ve run a lot of half marathons and can 10 & 15k with the best of them but I finally am biting the bullet and am running the whole she-bang.   I’ve loved the training.

That’s a lie.  I like saying I ran 20 miles.  I like knowing I’m achieving a goal. Many days I do not have the time nor energy to go do the running I need to.  And honestly, I probably am not putting in enough mileage, but whatevs.  I’ll figure that out somewhere around mile 22 during the race and curse my laziness for 4.2 miles.

Anyway, today was an “I can’t do this!” kind of day.  I spent 4 hours trying to get out the door and kept getting hit with phone calls, emails and client issues.  Not to mention this run involved managing 3 little boys on razors.

I finally got over it and hit the trails with the babes in tow.  It all started out so happy and fun.


Pic of my silly babes while I'm stretching.

We finally broke the 8 minute mile barrier, but with a hefty price to pay.  By mile 2 Vanilla was crying, “I can’t do this!”.   We schlepped for another 1.5 miles.  I finally relented and we went to the park where I ran 1.6 miles of laps around the park (uber fun I tell you) to make it an even 5.

Apparently none of us felt much like we could do it today.  But we did it.  And hopefully this leads to a good night’s sleep for all….


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